A New Day For Knight

Knight has failed to build a meaningful business or create long-term shareholder value, despite tremendous opportunity and resources. The current Board and CEO are conflicted and entrenched, attacking shareholders rather than acknowledging and addressing the Company’s poor execution and performance.

Medison has developed a comprehensive plan to help Knight become a growing and profitable Canadian-based pharmaceutical company, but new directors are needed to ensure the implementation of this plan. In addition to current director Meir Jakobsohn, Medison has nominated five independent, experienced leaders from the pharmaceutical industry who will oversee Knight without conflict or compromise.

Meet Our Nominees

Medison partnered with Knight Therapeutics, Inc. (TSX: GUD) in 2015 to execute a shared strategy –  building the world’s leading commercial partner for highly innovative therapies in Canada and select “Rest of the World” (ROW) markets. At that time, Medison became the second largest shareholder in Knight; it now owns 7.3% of Knight’s issued and outstanding shares.

But instead of pursuing that shared vision and executing on the specialty pharma business plan, Knight is behaving like an asset holding company and is being valued as such. Knight’s share price is stagnate and its ratio of price to tangible book value per share has plummeted.

Why is Knight failing to create value?

Medison believes that Knight has failed to create value for shareholders over the last three years because:

  • Knight has lacked focus, and has failed to acquire or in-license innovative products for commercialization in Canada and ROW markets
  • Knight has failed to use its substantial cash balance to create value for shareholders
  • Knight has invested passively in venture capital funds, health care companies and loans
  • Knight’s CEO has significant conflicts of interest and the Board lacks independence and expertise

Unable or Unwilling

After being rebuffed by the Knight Board in private, Medison has been left with no choice but to address the Company’s execution, strategy and governance failures in order to foster long-term, sustainable value for all shareholders.

Check back to this website for updates as Medison works on behalf of fellow shareholders to bring a new day to Knight.

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